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序號 國家 合作機構 計畫名稱
1. JP RIKEN 雙邊協議專案型國際合作研究計畫
2. US Office of Naval Research Controlled Synthesis of Copper Oxide-Metal-Organic Framework-based Hybrid Nanoparticles for Nano-energetics and Nanocatalysis
3. AU Austria Center of Industrial Biotechnology Microfluidic platform for downscaling of microbial culture screening
4. UK G24 Power Ltd Method for preparing an electrode comprising an electrochemical catalyst layer thereon
5. US Office of Naval Research Gas-Phase Synthesis of Metallic Particles with Traceability for Nano-energetics and Nanocatalysis
6. US ICL-IP America, Inc. Development of Phosphorus-containing Phenol-novolac Curing Agent for Epoxy